Try out these amazing board games at your next house party

Board games are a must when you are hosting a house party. Suitable for both kids and adults, everyone will have an undeniably fun time. In addition to that, board games even stimulate essential skills in adults and children alike. If you�re confused about selecting a particular game, take a look at this list.

1. Monopoly
It is a multi-player family game which comes with a board, bank of cash, two stacks of cards, and set pieces. The games start by throwing the dice, and the entire game can last for more than 2 hours. It is a property ownership game where players would have rent to collect or play, come across bad and good fortunes, land up in jail and more. It teaches the players for risk management skills, basic arithmetic, interpersonal negotiations, and personal finance. You can buy this unique game using Noon coupon codes to avail amazing discount on MRP.

2. Jenga
If you don�t want the tower to tumble down, make your moves wisely. Jack and remove one by one the rectangular wooden blocks of Jenga. It can be played on the floor or o a table. The Jenga stack ultimately takes a delicate structure and the first player who will cause the collapse would lose. Playing this game requires strategic planning and coordination of hand and eye. Players are always at the edge during the game-play.

3. Twister
This game would surely bring out the gymnast in you. This simple yet exciting game comes with a spinner and a plastic mat. The spinner assigns the player to colour, and they would have to touch that specific colour circle with their feet or hands. Anyone who would touch the mat with any other part of their body would get eliminated. Pack this game for your next house party using Noon coupon codes.

4. Scrabble
People who like to play with words would find this game very entertaining. Lettered tiles are placed on a board to form words. Every tile is assigned with points; some have higher points while some have lower. This game not only strengthens the vocabulary of the players, imaginative associations between different letters, and right spelling, but it also allows them to have a fun time while gaining knowledge. Players also learn new arithmetic and numeracy skills. The game comes in 29 different languages which helps people from every corner of the world to play it.

These games are recommended for players of any age. The difficulty level of these games is not very high. This matches the game with your party situation and at the same time, allow you to enjoy your house party to the utmost level.

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