Let Twitter Be A Marketing Resource For Your Online Business

Let Twitter Be A Marketing Resource For Your Online Business



What is Twitter? Well, if you are wondering that 140 characters might not be enough sometimes to even complete a sentence or thought, the way this social networking website download video from twitter

is configured, creates enormous buzz and speed to update current news at a frenetic pace in the form of “tweets” which can also be used as marketing resource for your business.

Current events or thought provoking actions from people around the world pours into this social networking site every minute of the day, well, every second of the year, most probably a lot more than that. Imagine that number (60 x 60) x (24 x 365) or 3600 x 8760 = 31,536,000. This seems a low number to me and in fact I’ve just searched this moment for the average level of tweets per day world wide and the result is or was more than 200 million tweets per day almost two years ago…

Only a very tiny fraction of that number of tweets that you could choose to follow or that they follow you, could potentially be very lucrative when you network with this like minded people, i.e. exchanging value, promoting offers, sending direct messages to Twitter users about endless topics. So, do not stay over the fence on this and instead go and open an account with Twitter.

What is going to set you apart from the crowd is managing large networks of people and friends, clients and customers or even associates using this social networking website called Twitter. And after that, you are going to set up your profile using the website’s functionality which will help you to customize the look and feel of your page’s profile and specially your line bio, thus allowing people to judge what type of person is behind your tweets.

Will they choose to follow you? Yes they will if your tweets are engaging and with the 160 characters you’ve got to set up your profile, you’ve managed to persuade them to follow you. So make that line bio a very good one, just be to the point, very concise. And do it as soon as possible to get exposure for your products and services.

After that you can use your twitter URL in your business cards, your emails, your websites etc. so you can increase the number of followers online. When you do blogging also use your twitter URL to get even more exposure. Just tell everyone about your twitter account and ask them to follow you and you will be very surprised at the number of people that end up following you.

Follow those powerful gurus who are doing internet marketing and the benefits you will receive will astound you, since they can make it possible for you to get exposed to their lists as well, giving you the chance to make more money online. On this point, curiosity can often work in your favour, since people often check out the followers of those they know and you may end up this way with new followers too.

With Twitter you have what is known as “re-tweets”, which is a very common practice of re-posting someone else’s tweets that people like and believe their followers will also like. This is a good way of spreading your tweets even further, allowing you to meet more people. For this Twitter will let you use the Retweet button to use that function automatically.

Simply type RT first then the @ followed by original tweeter’s user name plus the same message you want to retweet to your followers. This clearly gives credit to the original tweeter but it also benefits you by giving value to your followers making them happy in the process.

And there are other benefits as well from retweets, the obvious one being the relationships you can build with the original authors of the posts. This practice also is good for the brands you promote or for pointing your followers to relevant information they are after.

So basically, you are going to provide value to your followers by retweeting and when the value you spread out is great, your followers might do the same and retweet the same posts to their followers. Using Twitter this way, is a great method for giving excellent value to your friends and prospects. But never link your followers to wrong websites or spam them with untargeted content.

Is Twitter’s interface perfect for you? May be not, you might want to speed it up a bit, or you might like to see more data in one page like your time-line, and your mentions, and FB time-line, or your other Twitter accounts. If these are things that you would like to see in front of you in just one page, then you need to download free software to do just that.

And there are a few programs out there, you just need to search for them in Google for instance to find a list of good ones and even some that allow you to upgrade to even better and more powerful features. Some even allow you to use Twitter just like an autoresponder does for email marketing, that is giving you the facility to have tweets automatically sent at set times for you.

Some of these softwares allow you options for auto-follow people who follow you and send them direct messages automatically at that time. These DMs can have a thank you message with the “can I help you?” question that goes out at the set time.

Just don’t send your followers to your website all the time or you may be perceived to be too pushy or salesy and stick to the 140 characters of course. Well you have to anyway.

There is so much more you can do with Twitter, like uploading your picture, which is a must of course. You can share pictures and images using the tools provided by the softwares you can use for this purpose that you can search for online. There are also many plugins that you can use in WordPress that will allow you to automate your Twitter use.


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