Easy-to-Follow Instructions For Condom Use

If you are looking for a simple guide about how to put on a condom then follow the 15 simple steps below:

1. Erection

It seems like an obvious thing but you need to have an erect penis 콘돔 before you attempt to put on the condom. Roll the condom down the erect penis before any anal, oral or vaginal contact is made.

2. Damage

Before you put the condom onto the penis ensure that the foil wrapping which contains the condom is not ripped nor has signs of any wear and tear. For example, if the foil feels slippery this is an indication that a (lubricated) condom has lost some of its lubrication due to damaged packaging. Do not use a damaged condom as the likelihood is that it will not be effective.

3. Expiry date

All condoms have an expiry date. Make sure you check the date before using a condom. For your own safety do not use a condom that has passed its expiry date.

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