Shouldering the Load During the Olympics

Shouldering the Load During the Olympics  

After a build up that lasted for years, the London Olympics finally took place and were deemed to be a huge success. But many companies were bearing the load [pun intended] in order  โหลดเกมส์

  for this to be the case, and road haulage firms were certainly among them.

Getting around London was a challenge for plenty of businesses at the time, not least the haulage firms who were responsible for getting all kinds of deliveries into the city and surrounding areas while the Games were taking place. They provided vital services and were able to keep the capital running on track just when it needed to look its best.

A speech at the Road Haulage Association’s annual London lunch

You don’t often expect to get thanks for doing the job you do, day in and day out, but that’s exactly what happened when the Commissioner for Transport for London, Peter Hendy, attended the Road Haulage Association’s lunch that takes place in London every year. He used the occasion to express his thanks to all those working in the freight industry for their hard work during the Games.

He took the chance to say that London was able to deliver when it was called to do so, in providing Games that were a sterling success. He also stated it was a period of time in which the capital was able to provide the transport network that was required – even despite the much increased load.

A pat on the back for the haulage industry

As anyone who was involved in the industry during the London Games will know, this was a challenging time indeed. Carrying a load into London was perhaps more complicated in some ways than it would normally be, since you had to consider the logistics carefully to reach your destination in the most optimum way.

Since so many deliveries were able to get to their intended destinations in plenty of time, it was indeed a resounding success for the industry. And it was all the more impressive for the fact that the world was watching – for the most part everyone was impressed at how London handled itself.

Of course, those in the haulage industry worked largely in the background, delivering one load after another as the Games went on. But one can be sure that if these hard workers had not risen to the occasion it would have been noticed by everyone. It was a wonderful pat on the back when Peter Hendy took the opportunity to thank everyone in the transport industry for their hard work in keeping everything moving. It showed just how important the industry is in the grand scheme of things, in keeping London – and the rest of the country – moving.

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