Where to Perform Stand Up Comedy

Where to Perform Stand Up Comedy  

Want to know where to perform stand up comedy? Here are 5 places where you can perform stand up comedy. They include toastmasters, local clubs, social events, public   เที่ยวไหนดี

  parks and streets, and various out of the ordinary places.


Toastmasters is the first recommendation of where to perform stand up comedy. Toastmasters is an international organization that is committed to public speaking. They hold regular meetings all over the world where members and guest get to make speeches. Becoming a Toastmaster allows you ample opportunities to work on your comedy routines. After all, a comedy show is a speech.

Local Club Meetings

Our second suggestion of where to perform stand up comedy is at local club meetings. Most communities have club meetings for public service organizations. These clubs are available to support the community, so some may offer public entertainment opportunities. As you improve your performance, you may even be able to turn these into paying gigs.

Social Events

Our third answer to where to perform stand up comedy is at social events. Use your conversations at social events as opportunities to try out your material. Throw in your jokes so no one actually knows you are performing. When the room falls silent, that is your golden opportunity to make your move. You can also attend social events as the entertainment.

In Public Parks and Streets

The fourth suggestion of where to perform stand up comedy is in public parks and on the street. You see this all the time; artists who are just beginning sitting on street corners or in city parks doing what they love. You may get a few tips or you may not, either way you get to practice your routine in public. Many people such as Michael Colyar get their start this way.

Out of the Ordinary Places

A fifth opportunity of where to perform stand up comedy encompasses several out of the ordinary places. For example, find local clubs or bars that do not cater to comedians. You can get a good start in these places and be the only comedian there so the show is all yours. One example would be a dance bar. Go into the bar and notice the point during the night when the audience seems to lose interest in the given activity. Then, take some time to explain to the owner or manager that you have noticed there is a point during the night that the audience seems to get restless and that this would be an opportune time for them to let you take the stage. It will shake up the mundane night. If simply pointing this out does not work, make a deal with them that if the audience doesn’t like you will never come back and if they do like you then the manager will agree to pay for your next performance. It may or it may not work, but if you don’t take the risk you will never know.

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