How to Copy Netflix and Amazon by Selecting Long

How to Copy Netflix and Amazon by Selecting Long


Learning about the “long tail” of a popularity curve can help with keyword selection when writing webpages. The Long Tail Principle, properly understood, has implications for your website. The principle basically says that the largest quantity of purchasers are found in the “long tail” of a popularity curve.

To simplify a graphical representation, the Long Tail Principle posits that an individual or company can make more sales and see a higher profit by selling more of less-popular items instead of focusing on selling a relatively few very popular items. In fact, many people believe that the future of business, for the good of both consumers and businesses   Séries Netflix  , is to adopt a sales strategy that utilizes warehousing and the Long Tail Principle. Both Amazon and Netflix both have business models that utilize strategies consistent with reaching a long tail of consumers, and both are doing just fine these days. sells just about anything you could want to buy. They can do this because of their distribution methods. They have enormous central warehouses scattered across the U.S.A. I have visited the premises of these warehouses. Their sheer square footage is staggering. They don’t do retail in the traditional sense. They don’t have multiple retail stores trying to appeal to the most popular trends. They sell everything. They sell fewer of each item, but more total sales are closed. This is a perfect example of the long tail being put to use.

Netflix is like Amazon. Blockbuster and other hometown movie rental stores are limited. They are constrained by their space requirements. They can only carry new releases and a small quantity of popular older films. You can rent anything from Netflix. The local store may rent a new release a hundred times, but their selection is limited to only one hundred such new releases. Netflix, in contrast, can carry and rent thousands of videos. Each may only be rented ten or fifteen times each, but they can still profit by serving those customers. By renting out videos that appeal to the fringes of the market (as well as the most popular titles), they are able to rent a lot more than the local Blockbuster.

Warehousing is what makes this model possible. In general, physical businesses can’t adopt such a strategy apart from the internet. It is a logistical mine field. But, if a company is able to tap into the decentralizing power of the internet, they can turn the Long Tail Principle into additional profits for their business.

What does this principle have to do with websites? It matters because of keywords.

A website based on content is dependent on its keywords. Their importance can’t be overestimated. Many keywords are searched thousands or millions of times a day. But, to capture those big-time keywords, the huge companies spend millions of dollars. I doubt you would be reading this if you had millions of dollars. You likely won’t be able to compete for the big-time keywords with the mega-companies in your niche before you become a big player yourself. It is hard to compete with them over keywords just like it is hard for a mom and pop hardware shop to compete with Wal-mart or Home Depot.

Don’t fight (at least initially) with the major players for keywords in the beginning. You must design your keyword selection so that it maximizes your reach in the long tail. You have to target the tail and be a prolific writer. If you write a webpage or article on a keyword that already has established and heavy traffic, you probably won’t get much traffic (if any) from it. It turns into wasted effort. It does you nobody any good if nobody reads it. So, write often, publish as much valuable content pages as you can, and pick keywords that will result in traffic coming to your website, even if it is for a marginal keyword.

Fewer people will find that webpage in the search engines, and fewer still will actually click it, but some will. By writing a lot of keyword-focused pages, the trickle of individuals cumulatively can become a river of traffic. With a steady traffic stream, you can expect to get more backlinks. That will eventually translate into more PageRank and help you become an authority within the niche. At that point, you can more easily rank for the more competitive keywords. But, understanding the long tail and marketing to it through careful keyword selection can’t be underestimated.

If you ignore the long tail, it will likely ignore you and your website. Get th

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