Unlock Your Football Team’s Potential With the 4-4 Defense

The 4-4 Defense has for some time been a top choice of mentors in High School and Youth Football. There is no question that it is one of the least difficult and best protections you can run today. The 4-2-5 Defense is an adaptation of the 4-4, adjusted to the spread offense.

Protective Line

Using a 8-man front where every player is liable for a solitary hole simplifies the guard and sound. In the base protection, two cautious linemen line up on the Guards. On the solid side, your Defensive Tackle is concealed outside of the Guard, while on the frail side he is concealed within the Guard.

The Defensive End on the solid side lines up inside shade of the Tight End, in case there is one, and controls the C-Gap. The powerless side Defensive End lines up outwardly shade of the feeble side Offensive tackle. คาสิโนออนไลน์2020


There are 4 linebackers in the 4-4 Defense. The Inside Linebackers are 5 yards off the ball outwardly shade of the Offensive Guards. They are liable for whichever hole the Defensive Tackle on their side doesn’t have.

The Outside Linebackers will be 1-4 yards off the ball and adjust outside of the Defensive Ends. They are liable for containing any running plays to their side. The Outside Linebackers need to keep their external arm and leg free in the 4-4 Defense and for the play back to their assistance inside.


The best inclusion to run with the 4-4 Defense is the Cover 3 Defense. For Cover 3, the Outside Linebackers are liable for the level zones, close to the numbers. The Inside Linebackers have the Hook-Curl zone or hash zone drops.

The Corners will have the external Deep Thirds while the Safety has the center Deep Third.

The Cover 3 guard is fast and simple to introduce, very much like the 4-4 front. Alongside utilizing man inclusions, you can introduce a tremendous assortment of barrages with the 4-4 Defense to confound and disappoint your adversary!

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