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Singapore has become a sort of a sporting phenomenon of late, and we can only place the root of this new, sprouting interest to our recent successes of late. We have two world-class table tennis players who displayed a magnificent performance at the recent Beijing Olympics. We have had a marvellous badminton player who has proven his worth at the recent Asian Games. We have a swimmer who has made a name for herself and even broken a record. Slowly but surely, Singapore was being placed on the sporting map and what began as just a sighting of our land has turned into a country of potential.

Our local soccer league, the S-League has begun to garner more and more popularity. Like good wine, it has aged and matured, with more professional teams with foreign imports to bolster the playing field and give it some diversity. The Singapore National Team has recently in the Suzuki Championships handily beaten their opponents and look set to win the trophy. Our archers have shown their mettle and their focus in recent times. This is not to say that we have only recently begun our journey into the world sporting arena. พนันบอลที่ดีที่สุด

A Formula One Hero, body builders that took home the gold for our country, a world class swimmer – these are just some of the athletes of old whose achievements have helped to nudge Singapore closer and closer to glory. Moreover, as the dust settles, and skyline of this lion city recently illuminated the first ever Grand Prix Night Race, where F1 monsters roared through the Central Business Districts in the heart of the city. Sport is very much part of our life and it runs within the arteries of this country.

If you have an interest in any sport and would like to take up on it, I would hesitate to say that you will be able to find an association, a community club and even a stadium that can accommodate you. Soccer, rugby, athletics, swimming, water sports, dragon boating, badminton, squash, archery, track and field – these are just some of the sports you can get involved in. We have not even started on the boxing craze that has hit Singapore thanks to the Contender Asia series, or even the mixed martial arts momentum. Gyms are abound if your interest lies in the rubber and steel, sweat and pain arenas of body building or weight lifting.

There are so many things that one can do and because of the world class sporting facilities in Singapore, more and more people, international, regional and local have chosen sports as their career and sports as their past time. We have become the Singapore sports hub of this region and more and more effort will be put in. If you need to take a break or have some fun in the sport that you like, you will easily be able to find people to play with and places to do it in.

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